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    Dan Cosgrove & Melanie Saryan

    M: 617-752-1219

    Are you a millennial couple looking for your first home together, your first home with kids, or your first home in the suburbs? We are, but unfortunately in all of our searching as regular home buyers we were unable to find the right real estate agent to represent our millennial needs. That is why we became Real Estate agents, to help our fellow generation find the perfect home at the right price.

    The skills we have developed in our careers have positioned us nicely to pursue our real estate passion. Melanie has the special ability to make a house feel like a home, thanks to her background of interior decorating and buying at Wayfair. Dan spent years at Procter & Gamble, developing an expertise in relationships, analysis and negotiations to make sure the best deal is executed. On top of that, we think like a couple in the buying process and understand that every decision has a mutual meeting ground.

    Like you, we are going through the life changes of getting married, buying a home, and starting a family. While Melanie is a native of the Boston area, Dan is a transplant from Ohio, providing our clients with the right balance of local and outsider perspective on the best neighborhood to live.

    So call us, email us, or text us today to begin your journey on buying the perfect home!

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    Dan Cosgrove & Melanie Saryan
    Sales and Leasing Agent
    Mobile: 617-752-1219
    Revolution Realty
    200 Portland Street, 5th Floor
    Boston MA 02114

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