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    Remembering the Past this Thanksgiving

    Acknowledge yesterday, make the most of today, build a better tomorrow.
    This thanksgiving we want to bring light to our stolen sisters.
    We cannot change the past, we can only learn and do better in our present and future.
    Here are ten Indigenous organization advocacy groups to donate to this holiday season.

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    Louis Gordon

    Lou started his first business at age eight, running a profitable candy stand on his cul-de-sac. Back then he learned several important lessons: 1. Offer people a fair price 2. Be accessible when it's convenient for the customer 3. A great salesperson must be indefatigable. After trying a few different industries out of college, he found his true calling in 2008 when he first became licensed to practice Real Estate. He saw that a house or apartment wasn’t just a piece of property, it was a home, a place for people to sleep at night, to store their most precious belongings, to raise their children, to keep them safe. It’s the place where most people start and end their days, the foundation for their whole lives. Since 2008, Lou has brokered deals all over the Boston-metro area, helping sellers, buyers, investors, and renters with their property needs. And, having practiced real estate as both a single person and a family man, he understands a wide range of needs, from being close to the action to picking a good school system. When he’s not helping people with their property needs, he spends time with his family and pets, traveling and writing when he can.

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